12 Things on This Single Girl’s Christmas Wish List

By D. Kimberly

After Single Black Male’s recent Wish List Post. I decided to create a Single Girl’s Christmas Wish Listof my own:

Besides the strapping young man in the feature image (who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting) or someone like him…here is my list:

1. Invisible Earplugs – the kind that block out the redundant bragging of all of newly wedded girlfriends who have outdated advice on how to catch a man.
2. Tickets to Eygpt or the Bahamas so I can have a reason to brag too
3. Mail order man – a great looking platonic friend that can accompany me to functions, movies, restaurants when I don’t want to be forced to pick a random and don’t want to go out alone.
4. A membership to a gym – I promise I will do it this time!
5. Spanx – until I can use that gym membership
6. Poof “Be Gone” Potion – to make that one annoying guy with bad breath and corny come-ons magically disappear
7. Thai/Chinese Gift Cards – For those nights when I’ve had a bad date and are “Set it Off” or “Waiting to Exhale” inclined…I can stuff my face without remorse
8. A Diamond ring that’s for me and doesn’t signify anything other than Im awesome and deserve it.
9. A 1,000 dollar shopping spree – because single ladies and looking good should be synonymous
10. A “Get Yo Life Right With God” answering machine – for those guys who think one great date equals one step towards satin sheet kingdom
11. Heels that don’t hurt – so I can stop lying saying 6 inch heels are comfortable at the after work mixer while honestly I’m walking like my ankles are broken.
12. Patience in a bottle – for those times when life seems overwhelming, and all I want is someone to share it with…patience grant me the ability to not try and force something before its time

What’s on your Single Lady’s Christmas List?

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