There is this misconception that Christians live less than colorful, bible-toting ordinary lives. However, Miss Aleck is for those of us, whose lives have been anything but perfect and who realize that perfection is found in God alone.

Miss Aleck is developing into a guide for holistic living. Designed for the unconventional Christian, these are our musings on all things Good and God. Sometimes our paths as the “faith-driven” are a little unclear: “Should I date him/her or wait?” “How much compromise is too much at my job?” “What are some ‘stylish’ but ‘modest’ dress tips? Are there herbal remedies for clear skin? This is for you – the faith-inspired, men/women lovers, sales hunters, entertainment junkies, health addicted, Christ followers who are anything but “ordinary”.

We aim to incite conversation and debate with a lot of savvy and a little bit of sass! The faith-driven’s ride through life is never set on cruise control. There are bumps, bruises, busting illegal U-turns in people’s driveways, broken concrete and ugly scars in order to reach our destination.

However, is committed to providing you with “the talk” to keep you in the know and give you the “get up and go” to make your journey a little easier!

Kick off your heels and join us every day for laughter, inspiration, stylish tips & “how to deal with he” tidbits! Thank you for visiting us! Don’t Forget To Subscribe By RSS or Email On the Homepage to receive Instant Daily Updates!!!

About Me

Editor & Creator Bio

“As a young Christian, I questioned EVERYTHING. I was aptly named ” Miss Smart Aleck”. I dropped the “smart”…it seemed redundant! That nick name is a compliment to our generation. It says, we won’t absently follow ‘the rules’ but we will question and discuss our purpose with God.”

A die hard advocate for ‘building something out of nothing’ D. Kimberly has learned that laughter & transparency is a powerful medicine that salves everyday trials.

D. Kimberly aka Miss Aleck is quickly rising from writer obscurity. Within the 4 month birthday of her blog she has appeared on, Madame Noire,, Uptown Magazine, The Root, The Grio, Frugivore, and As she builds her writing repertoire.

Raised in New Jersey while blessed with a Southern upbringing, Danni has an eclectic lifestyle and quirky ways. She believes “everything is a story”. Her faith in Christ has brought her through some traumatic experiences, led her to double degrees as she pursues her third. She is a freelance writer on the topics of current events, lifestyle, Christianity, holistic living and relationships. She is an activist, a public speaker, a former preschool teacher and a “live right…work hard” politician. Finally, she is really weirded out about writing her bio in the 3rd person so please find more about her by watching the video below or following her on twitter @mzaleck and be sure to follow her adventures!