Celibacy? No problem, Loneliness now that’s an issue

By Nita Gamble 

As a single saved young woman it’s definitely interesting to hear other’s perspective on celibacy but to me that isn’t the issue. I’ve learned during this walk as I follow the principles of God I actually know the secret to celibacy. wait for it…. It’s simply not putting yourself in stupid situations. Groundbreaking right? Probably not. I’ve found that devout Christian women are not struggling so much with celibacy it’s the loneliness that takes the toll. In many cases the walk is already a lonely one, because often times when you are a Christian woman those who can’t get down with that don’t. Which means it’s all too common to not be understood by old friends, family members, or coworkers.
When I have dated even though now it seems like centuries ago, I had no problem in telling men where I stood with being celibate but it was the lonely days and nights that were tough. I find myself in my mid-twenties home alone most of the time. I don’t even have a dog it’s just me in my really cute one bedroom studio apartment. I attend church and occasionally hang with a friend or two but for the most part it’s God, Church and work. I look at my hands and the holes or gaps in between them I know are meant to be intertwined and locked in with someone else, I think of the lack of laughter between two lovers or, or the sake of having someone in the home to talk to not on the phone, not a family member, not a friend but true companionship. Instead I listen to my worship music, watch my TV and the occasional conversations with my mom or friends. Sounds sad huh? Well it should, I’m not even concerned with sex I’m just trying to have a conversation. This journey takes its toll especially if you are single but it is a time that I use to cling to God learn his principles and live my life. So to my Single and saved women is the celibacy that bothers you or the loneliness? Do we really struggle as much with sex?

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